Working with Pat means you're guaranteed the best possible image, no matter what the subject or creative challenge. He has this incredible ability of capturing the moment or interpreting a concept and makes the whole process seem effortless. I am always amazed. And never laugh harder. Pamela Mecca
Creative Director | Pamela Mecca Design
...whatever IT is - or whoever he shoots - Pat just 'GETS IT'! The concept, the light, the SHOT! Always brings his A Game, with a smile. Boston area's best kept secret. Steven Pascal
Creative Director | Content Haus
Amazingly inventive, hilariously funny, brilliantly diplomatic, and fantastically talented. Maybe that's the wrong order, but hey, that's Pat. Patricia J. Hassett
Channel Marketing Manager | Electric Insurance Company
From shy preschoolers with blasters to divas dancing in the dark to teen boys on trampolines, Pat gets the shot I need time and time again. With his keen attention to detail and great sense of humor he's a fun teammate who's always ready to play. Michelle Danzer-Gries
Art Director | Hasbro, Inc.
Pat and I go way back - almost twenty years. We've done scores of shoots, literally all over the world. If I've learned anything in all that time, it's that you don't settle for "okay". You'll get more than great pictures. You'll get powerful images that tell stories in unique and memorable ways. These days, anyone can point and shoot but few bring the talent and passion for excellence that Pat brings to every assignment.

If you are hoping to "phone it in," you should call someone else.
Michael Sherman
Design Director | Tufts University
As a College President I am at hundreds of "photo sessions" supported by legions of different professionals. When Pat serves as the photographer of record I breathe a sigh of relief; knowing that the process will be smooth, apparently effortless, and conducted in great humor. Most importantly, the photos will be grand! Pat is simply a delight to work with in so many ways. Leonard Schlesinger
President | Babson College
Pat and I have navigated our way through strategically successful photo-shoots around the globe. He is as much the guide as the executor, and we would never plan an Annual Report or strategic communications project without his input from the start. Having Pat on the team assures a world-class result. Al Cotton
Director of Corporate Communications | Nypro, Inc.
Pat O'Connor is simply the best. He's intuitive, current, meticulous, funny, hard-working, fast, resourceful, creative, energetic, thoughtful, and an all-around terrific guy. And, by the way, he takes fantastic photos." Mike Hoffman
Associate Creative Director/Art | Bose Corporation